Breaking News: KBI has a new director…

Two weeks after the surprise announcement that long-time KBI Director Hannah Crum was moving on, the organization announced a replacement.

Casa de la Kombucha CEO, and KBI Board Member, Kendra Sepulveda sent her welcome letter to members today:

Dear Esteemed Members of Kombucha Brewers International,

I trust this message finds you well and thriving within the dynamic world of kombucha brewing. It is with great pleasure and humility that I step into the role of Director for our beloved organization, and I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional leadership of our outgoing President, Hannah.

To Hannah Crum, Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental in shaping Kombucha Brewers International into the vibrant community it is today. As I address you, our esteemed members, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Hannah for not only being a guiding force but for being the driving force behind the inception of this organization. Thank you for dedicating a decade of your life to the advancement of Kombucha Brewers International and the kombucha industry at large. Your passion and commitment have laid a solid foundation upon which we can build for years to come and we are excited to continue your work with your guidance and insights.

Allow me to introduce myself formally—I am Kendra Sepulveda, and I bring with me a rich background in the kombucha production industry. My journey in this field has been intertwined with the growth of our organization, and it is an honor to continue contributing to its success in this new capacity. My dedication in the study of nutrition, the wide array of experiences as a chef and current position as CEO of my own kombucha production facility in Spain serve as a foundation of knowledge I will gladly source during my term.

As we navigate this transitional period together, I am genuinely excited about the future of Kombucha Brewers International. I am here to serve and support each member, drawing from my experience to ensure a smooth turnover and to uphold the principles that make our community unique. Your insights and experiences, Hannah, will be invaluable during this process, and I am eager to work closely with you to preserve the momentum we have gained.

Looking ahead, I envision a period of continued growth, collaboration, and shared success through member action in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship. Together, we will maintain our position at the forefront of the kombucha industry, championing best practices, embracing innovation, and expanding our reach on a global scale. I am committed to an open and collaborative leadership style, and I encourage each of you to share your thoughts and ideas as we shape the future of Kombucha Brewers International.

Thank you for your warm welcome, and I look forward to getting to know each of you better in the coming weeks and months. Together, we will build upon the strong foundation laid by our outgoing President and usher in a new era of achievement and prosperity for Kombucha Brewers International.

With enthusiasm and gratitude,

Kendra Sepulveda
Kombucha Brewers International, Director 

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