2023 Social Media Stats: Facebook

This is the sixth in the series of our annual summary of social media stats for kombucha brands.

Facebook is the second most popular platform for kombucha brands after Instagram.

At the end of 2018, we published our initial informal survey of kombucha brands’ presence on social media. At the time, we reviewed the stats for Facebook ‘Likes’ of a small group of 140 brands. 65% of these brands had a company page.

The 2019 survey selected the top 20 from 1,400 brands listed at the time in the Booch News Worldwide Directory. In 2020, the survey covered over 1,700 brands. In 2021, the number of kombucha brands worldwide had grown to over 2,000. By the end of 2022, when the survey was published, the Directory listed over 2,629 brands.

Now, at the end of 2023 we track 2,688 — a mere 59 increase in absolute numbers. We added 142 and deleted 83 — those with no online presence whatsoever — over the course of the year. The Worldwide Directory is an archival list and many businesses might have closed but still have a social media footprint. In which case we continue to list them.

62% worldwide have a Facebook page. However, 684 have not updated their page in the past year. So in actuality, only 40% of all kombucha brands worldwide were active on Facebook in 2023.

2023 Leader Board

This table shows the 20 leading kombucha companies. As in previous years, we’ve removed companies that make products in addition to ‘booch that attract followers. NOTE: Facebook has stopped displaying exact numbers and just shows them rounded to the nearest thousand.

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory
Dec 31, 202

There are only three brands with more than 100,000 Likes, 49 brands with 10,000-99,999, and 458 with 1,000-9,999 followers. For what it’s worth, the 1,708 brands in the Directory with a Facebook page collected a total of 3,938,265 ‘Likes’ — adding another half-million kombucha fans over the year. Some perspective: Coke has 108 million Facebook followers. Pepsi (which owns Kevita) boasts over 36 million fans on its main page. So lots of upside potential as people switch from sugar-laden sodas!

Year-over-year changes

This table shows the percentage change in the number of ‘Likes’ for the 2022 Leaders over the past year.

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory, Dec 31, 2023

The trend we first reported in 2019 is still apparent. Facebook has been a static or declining platform for most brands. Only five brands managed to increase the numbers, while most were flat or saw a decline.

It’s been noted that the decline in Facebook’s reach posees challenges for businesses and content creators seeking to engage their target audience. This is due to algorithm changes, content saturation, and demographic shifts. Brands that continue to invest in the platform should consider paid ‘boosting’ and active engagement with user comments.

Facebook and Instagram

Comparing the number of Followers / Likes for the consolidated list of Leaders in each category shows the weighting of consumers who support that brand on each social media platform. This no doubt reflects where these brands invest their marketing resources.

Here are those who have more Followers than Instagram:

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory
Dec 31, 202

Here are those with more Facebook Likes:

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory
Dec 31, 202


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