Blog Review: Brew Your Bucha, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brew Your Bucha offers everything the home brewer needs: from all-in-one home brew kits to individual SCOBYs, bottles, caps, teas and more. Their tagline: “Save Money, Invest In Your Health”.


Blogging since: Sep 26, 2017
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2018
Posting Frequency: 2-4x a month
Post Length: 800-2,000 words
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Graphics: Professional images.
Categories: Health/Wellness, Kombucha, Nutrition, Partners.
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Social Media:  They have 84 posts on Instagram and 6,426 followers. Their Facebook page has 360 followers and their YouTube channel (with instructional videos) has 69 subscribers. They don’t appear to have a Twitter account.

This is a very well-populated blog with over 40 informative articles. We took a look at a sample from the main categories.

Health/Wellness: Kombucha and Diabetes

They examine the crucial (even life-threatening) issue of sugar intake for diabetics. GTs Kombucha–the most popular brand in Canada– contains anywhere from 4-8 grams of sugar. However,

To put these numbers in perspective, an 8 fl oz serving of Coke, which is half a bottle of GT’s kombucha, contains 27 grams of sugar. Thus, a lesser serving of Coke can contain upwards of three times the amount of sugar that is found in a bottle of kombucha that is double the size. Similarly, an 8 fl oz serving of Minute Maid Apple Juice contains 29 grams of carbohydrates and 26 grams of sugar.

The advice they sharewith diabetics is that home brewing allows more control over sugar content. Extending the fermentation reduces sugars. They also note that probiotics in kombucha help with overall health.

Kombucha: Commercial Brands Reviewed

Articles in the general Kombucha category cover a lot of ground: from shelf-life to making jun. We liked the fair-minded approach of their review of the top five commercial brands available in Canada: GTs; GTs Synergy; Townshend’s Brew Dr. (see our blog review); RISE and KeVita. They share favorite flavors from each, and recommend home brewing, since:

…brewing your own Kombucha ensures that you’re drinking fresh Kombucha, not something sitting on a shelf for too long. You have control over the flavor and ingredients in the drink you are putting in your body.

This category also includes a compelling article on the cost-savings enjoyed by home brewers vs. those who buy kombucha in the store. They recognize initial start-up costs might be $70 or more, but home brew costs no more than 88 cents for a 16 oz serving, vs. $4.65 (Canadian) in the store.

Nutrition: Kombucha and Weight Loss

In addition to the universal truth that billions of probiotics will naturally increase the nutritional value of food consumed, they list other advantages that can help anyone concerned about their weight: reduced cravings, a faster metabolism, and a sports drink post-workout. Their weight-loss plan suggests drinking 6 – 32 ounces a day.

Partners: Success with home brewing

This category includes a compelling story of a Mom who learned the advantages of home brewing after realizing she was on track to spend over $700 a year on store-bought ‘booch. She explains how she assembled the equipment by scouring Amazon, but now recommends a kit from Brew Your Bucha as a great option. (Hint: Our Resources Page lists many sources for would-be home brewers to check out.)


There’s seems to be a bug in their Categories and Archives. When accessing a month, such as September 2018, with two posts, we are shown the same post twice:

When accessing a category such as Nutrition multiple listings of the same article are also shown.

The trick to finding the posts is to click on the images, which are different, rather than the titles.

Hopefully they’ll fix this bug and this part of our review will be redundant.

In Conclusion

Following the recent success of The Kombucha Shop in securing funding on Shark Tank, we expect that Brew Your Bucha is experiencing a boost in their business, especially from Canadian customers. Since The Kombucha Shop does not have a blog (although they do have a useful Q&A for home brewers) this blog contains compelling content for anyone considering home brewing.

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