Celebrating Humor on Instagram

Among the many creative Instagram pictures that kombucha companies post are some that are really funny.

Here’s a selection that caught our fancy. The first couple of sets are from Kombucha Hunter.

They have by far the greatest number of funny posts of any of the companies we looked at. If you need cheering up, check out their complete set of pictures on Instagram.

These next three are from Get Kombucha, The Good Guys Kombucha and Rise Kombucha.

The final set of three are visual gags from Baerbucha Kombucha, Humm Kombucha and Lao Kombucha.

The Archers

We couldn’t believe it when the long-running British radio soap The Archers (it started in 1951!) mentioned kombucha a few months ago. Neither could the folks at LA Brewery in Suffolk, England.

To get why this is really, really, funny you probably have to have grown up listening to The Archers. Back in the day, it was a bastion of middle-England and traditional values. Now, bless me!

In summary

Instagram has plenty of evidence that kombucha brewers have a sense of humor: about SCOBYs, other people’s reactions to the taste of the beverage, and the offbeat nature of anyone who appreciates ‘booch in a world of sugar and saccharin.

It’s fair to say that ‘booch-heads are in a minority in the modern world. We’re part of a growing trend, but we’re still defined as outsiders.

As such, self-deprecating humor (“How booch-heads may appear to non-booch heads”) serves to unite us with messages that anyone who is not into kombucha probably won’t appreciate.

Many committed kombucha drinkers share the attitude of this lady from The Mighty Bucha:

What’s the funniest thing about kombucha you’ve seen?

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  1. Ian says:

    The only problem Booch News is keeping up-to-date with the mushrooming (pun intended) number of ‘booch brewers out there. No matter how thoroughly we’ve searched, new companies are always coming onto the radar. Some have been around for awhile and we just overlooked them.

    In the humor category there’s a Manchester, England company called Brew Loka. Maybe ‘cos I grew up near there (in Crewe) their irreverent British humor beats the rest hands down. Here’s a small sample. Their Instagram is chock full of many more gems like these.


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