Kombucha Product Photos on Instagram

After an exhaustive inventory of the pictures kombucha brewing companies post to Instagram that reviewed images of women, diverse images, creative images and those that are plain amusing, it’s time to move on to how they picture the actual product.

It all depends on the season.


What better way to showcase a product that must, of necessity, be kept cool, than to show it in the snow?

My favorite is the Bootleg Bucha snow angel on the bottom row, center. It’s entirely appropriate that a company from Buffalo, NY know a thing or three about snow.


Despite the need to keep the beverage chilled, there’s a lot of ‘booch on the beach: the sun, sea and sand make an attractive backdrop for many brands.

Spring and Fall

While there’s no one season for enjoying kombucha outdoors, these images show the product in a variety of natural settings. It’s hard to top the picture of the SaffreyLove bottle next to what looks like the psychedelic Amanita muscaria ‘shroom. Could it be they’re one step ahead of CBD infusions?

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