Top 10 Posts of 2022

There were a total of just over 25,000 views of Booch News articles over the past year. This data from the web hosting company is consolidated and sorted to rank all 231 posts.

Here are the Top 10 posts with the number of views.

  1. Guest Posting: The History of Kombucha – Part 3, by Tadeusz Zagrabinski (3,485)
  2. Growing beyond home-brewing (2,753)
  3. Guest Posting: Kombucha 101 – Sugar, by Tadeusz Zagrabinski (1,767)
  4. Guest Posting: Kombucha 101 – Tea, by Tadeusz Zagrabinski (1,022)
  5. 17 Kombucha Brewery Videos (929)
  6. Pairing Kombucha with Food (902)
  7. Guest Posting: Kombucha 101 – Water, by Tadeusz Zagrabinski (702)
  8. Guest Posting: Is Kombucha the New Soda? by Jared and Deanne Gustafson (695)
  9. The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Kombucha Industry (691)
  10. Kombucha: The Outer Limits (605)

Some of these were published back in 2020 and 2021. Posts appear in Google searches no matter when they are published.

Guest Posts

The fact that half the Top 10 were Guest Postings didn’t surprise me. It’s something I’ve seen over the previous 15 years blogging on public speaking and speech writing: nothing attracts interest like a Guest Post. I’m especially pleased that people read the insights from Tadeusz, who I met in person last November in Berlin. These were reprinted with permission from his Baerbucha Kombucha blog. Check it out for many more well-researched and educational posts.

The article by Kombucha on Tap owners Jared and Deanne Gustafson resulted from an interview for the Fall 2020 edition of SYMBIOSIS Magazine. We’d discussed the origins of their Southern California Kombucha and Cold Brew Coffee Keg installation and delivery business — positioning them to write this illuminating post showing how kombucha sales benefit from the decline in soda consumption in the US.


If you have something of interest that others would benefit from reading, please get in touch. Email your suggestion to Topics for Guest Posts on Booch News include:

  • The science of kombucha
  • Brewery design and scaling up
  • Marketing and sales
  • Consumer profiles
  • Starting a kombucha business
  • Trends
  • Packaging (cans, bottles, kegs)
  • Branding
  • Funding

Posts should be of general interest to commercial kombucha companies, be educational and informative, and not merely promote your brand. However, a good case study is always welcome. We always include links to the author’s website.

Original content

Original content included the post from Feb 2020 on ways home brewers can scale up to commercial production and the listing of 17 commercial brewery videos from the same month. This was inspired by Adam Vanni from Jarr Kombucha in London, who published a video of the time he hosted a tea expert at his East London brewery and explained, in great detail, how they brew large volumes of ‘booch.

In June 2021, I listed over a dozen examples, with pictures, of kombucha and food pairings. This was repurposed into a spread in the Fall 2021 edition of SYMBIOSIS.

In March 2020, I reported on the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, listing KBI and the Craft Beer Association’s policy responses and examples of the resilience, proactive communication, community support, and even humor of brands in the face of uncertainty.

Finally, in 10th place, one of my ongoing projects is tracking the many examples of commercial interests hijacking the popularity of kombucha in cosmetics, instant drink powders, cereals, jellies, etc., etc. Check out the Comments section of the post for the growing list of ‘kombucha’ items on the market — reminding us all that companies that produce authentic kombucha need to work together to protect the integrity of the product.

Thanks to Neil Griffin for data analysis. Hire him if you need help with your own website, programming, or data projects!

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