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Brewch flavorings were created in 2016 by Brendan Woodward, a kombucha enthusiast. He intended to develop a range of flavors for his home brews that were as healthy and efficient as possible. In 2020 his friend Arturo joined the project to establish the brand and define operations and R&D. 

They now offer a range of organic flavoring concentrates for kombucha brewers, and FREE SAMPLES are readily available.

Food grade standards

Bewch is formulated to food grade standard, specifically for kombucha brewing, to stay compatible with a live culture. Ethyl alcohol is naturally compatible with the yeast and kombucha biome. 

Using these flavors helps kombucha brewers avoid pasteurization and a “kill step” since it is a non-caloric solution to the fruit-juice-as flavor and similar syrup-based flavoring systems. 

Brewch is used following primary fermentation (F1) of raw kombucha, kefir water, cider, framboise, or malt beverage. It is SCOBY Safe and will not harm the precious biome of the probiotic beverage. Just a few drops per serving are added before bottling. Specifics:

  • The flavors have been thoroughly tested for kombucha and other fermented beverages.
  • Brewch flavors are fully “SCOBY safe” — tested to ensure that it cooperates with the acetobacter and yeast colony to promote healthy, sustained growth. 
  • Brewch kombucha flavorings are concentrated from organic compliant, vegan, gluten, and sugar-free organic essences from fruits and vegetables
  • Because Brewch is sugar-free, you have final control of your flavoring, fizz, and sweetness during F2 fermentation. 
  • Brewch flavors can help with long-term predictability and consistency, streamlining the manufacturing and scalability of production. 


The current line of flavors is: 

Pearesto, Mango Magic, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Cucumber, Manna Fruit, Cranberry Apple, Chai Spice, and Basil.

These are used, in a 1:1 ratio, with either of the pre-flavoring conditioners, Miracle Mixer and Miracle Potion.

These soften harsh acid notes in naturally brewed kombucha and opens up the beverage for full and shelf-stable flavoring without the introduction of foreign yeast, sugars, or off-notes typical in fruit juice concentrates.  

Brewch is owned by McKnight Standard LLC, an FDA-registered and inspected flavoring company in Monroe, WA.

Free Samples

Brewch is happy to send FREE SAMPLES of their full range of kombucha products to any home based or commercial brewers.


Listen to the podcast to hear what Brendan and Arturo told me about their flavorings at the KKON23 event.

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