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Cans vs. Bottles: The Environmental Impact

Wine connoisseur Jancis Robinson makes the case for cans as an environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles in the Weekend edition of the Financial Times, noting that “Canned wine seems to be moving rapidly from convenient novelty to a category...


Environmental impact of beverage containers

Oenophile Jancis Robinson writes in the Weekend Financial Times (subscription required) about the environmental impact of beverage containers. While acknowledging that glass bottles are the material of choice for fine wines, she wonders if plastic, cans, or keg alternatives could...


CBC: The science of packaging and label design

The online Craft Brewers Conference continued with a presentation by design and marketing experts CODO Design describing a scientific approach to packaging: Using Science to See What Packaging Works and How Your Brewery Can Sell More Beer. This 90-minute, 85-slide,...