SYMBIOSIS, a New Trade Publication for the Kombucha Industry

I’m delighted to announce the inaugural edition of SYMBIOSIS, the Official Journal of Kombucha Brewers International.

I’ve collaborated as editor-in-chief with publisher Hannah Crum and the KBI team to create this new Journal — the only trade publication for the kombucha industry.

Booch News has evolved over the past two years into an online publication with profiles and podcast interviews from around the world. I’ve reported on trends in social media, marketing, and curated links to resources for commercial brewers. When I realized there was no trade publication for this industry, I suggested to Hannah that KBI should publish one, and the idea for SYMBIOSIS was born.

As a print-on-demand publication, SYMBIOSIS has an ‘evergreen’ lifespan. Past editions will live forever on the platform. Anyone can order a printed copy that will be sent directly to them in the mail. It’s the perfect way to get our content out into the world.

We hope that the journal will reach not only current KBI members, plus many other commercial kombucha brewers worldwide, plus the growing ranks of homebrew enthusiasts curious about scaling up or refining their technique.

Table of Contents

The 52 pages of the Summer 2020 edition contains a wealth of information. We have several regular columns, including:

  • KBI President’s Letter: an update from Hannah Crum.
  • Regional KBI Chapter Reports: from Europe, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and Canada
  • Legal Issues: Justin Prochnow shares vital information on the regulatory and legal aspects of advertising kombucha.
  • Advocacy Corner: Dave Ransom writes on the progress of the KOMBUCHA Act in light of COVID-19 and the CARES Act.
  • Producer Profile: A chance to meet the ‘Wise Old Man’ of kombucha: Ed Rothbauer of High Country Kombucha and Rocky Mountain Cultures.
  • Brew Tech: Toby Tull of Bare Bucha explains the importance of the different acids commonly found in kombucha.
  • Kocktail Recipes: Intriguing concoctions from Canada and the UK.

Feature Articles

  • World Kombucha Trends: We crunch the numbers in the Booch News Worldwide Directory and examine the ratio of brewers per head of the population. Guess what? If you live in New Zealand, you are really well supplied!
  • Marketing: Rachel Kay shares her PR secrets to build buzz around your brand.
  • Fair Trade Certification: Heather Walker and Jodi Beasley of Fair Trade USA highlight the importance of cultivating a stronger brand and supply chain through Fair Trade.
  • The Science of Kombucha: Hannah Crum and Keisha Harrison examine the importance of kombucha as a functional food.
  • The Women of Kombucha: We salute Vanessa and Alla of NessAlla Kombucha, the first women-owned kombucha company.

Order your copy today

KBI members will have access to an electronic version they can download as a benefit of membership. Digital and Print copies are available on-demand from the MagCloud platform. It’s printed in the US, UK, and mainland Europe and shipped with local postage rates.

Symbiosis Magazine - Summer 2020

Symbiosis Magazine – Summer 2020

SYMBIOSIS Magazine is the Official Journal of Kombucha Brewers International. Topics include tips and techniques for commercial kombucha brewing, scientific research on kombucha, profiles of kombucha brewers, stats on our industry and more! Anyone who enjoys kombucha will enjoy SYMBIOSIS Magazine.

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