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Yesterday’s post was a general overview of the Dunroe Instagram analytics tool that briefly mentioned ways it can be used to spot trends in the industry. Here’s a more detailed look. It’s valuable to spot recent trends to the extent a social media platform like Instagram (IG) reveals them — which is probably the best place to look, absent commissioning expensive market research studies.


Dunroe makes short work of picking active IG posts that highlight why some brands have chosen cans over traditional glass bottles. Here’s three posts that jumped out.


As more brands open taprooms, it’s interesting to find those that have announced the opening of their new taproom in the past year. Here’s three that are listed.

Farmers markets

As lockdown ends, Farmers Markets around the world are opening up again.

Fermented foods

An increasing number of kombucha companies are branching out to offer fermented foods as well as functional beverages to support gut health. Here are some announcements from the past 12 months.


While the last post revealed that CBD-infused kombucha was declining in popularity on IG, this does not mean all brands have dropped it. Here’s a sample of those that made recent announcements.


We also noted that posts linking kombucha to yoga have declined, but again, they have not disappeared. If you need to check out the latest asanas that brands are posting to their IG accounts, Dunroe offers them up. Examples:

Seasonal trends

A search for the ‘Breakout’ trends in the first week of July in the US reveals, no surprise, IG posts that celebrate July 4:

A custom date range for the end of November highlights a different celebration:

More specifically, the keyword ‘Women’ on March 8 this year uncovers the IG posts celebrating International Women’s Day.

Digging deeper

As interesting as these samples are, the complete report lists many more examples in each category. There are over 5,000 taprooms shown in a report using that keyword. And while a Google search for taprooms returns 185,000 results, good luck clicking through those links to see the level of detail served up from Instagram, pictures and all.


The content of this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is presented for general informational purposes only. The opinions are those of the editor. We have absolutely no affiliate relationship with any of the people and organizations listed.

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