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Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (IG) are rich sources of information about the kombucha industry. In the past year, we’ve published reports analyzing the most active Instagram accounts as well as profiles of the Top 20. These reports were built the old-fashioned way, by manually counting and totaling the numbers.

With over 99% of commercial kombucha companies in the Booch News Worldwide Directory active on IG, there’s no better place to see what is happening in the industry.

Dunroe is an inexpensive tool that permits any company to easily follow an entire industry on IG. Dunroe analyzes posts from kombucha accounts so you can quickly gain insights about specific brands or general trends. Advantages include instantly comparing your IG performance against others, tracking competitors, and finding new ideas. Say, for example, you are kicking around an idea for a new flavor. A search by keyword, filtered by geography, follower count, or date range, will show what others with this flavor have done and what kind of an impact it made on social media. You can then do a deep dive into trends, breakout products, and context to reduce your chances of failure by studying related product launches, as showcased on specific IG posts.

When it comes to your own account, you can translate your IG performance into easily understood data. Take a look at your brand’s top posts and benchmark how you perform relative to others

Let’s take a look.

Instagram Overview

An overview of the Booch News account, measured against other ‘Food & Beverage Influencer’ accounts, shows Follower count (average), Follower Growth (above average), Engagement Rate (below average), and a zero Video View Rate (we don’t post videos!).

We can then click through to see all posts ranked by the propitiatory Dunroe ‘D Score’ (not just the number of likes, it also considers engagement rate). Here are the top 10 of our 193 posts:

Here’s a list of keywords, hashtags, and tagged users from the text of these posts:

Industry-wide Numbers

As well as deep-dives into individual brands, Dunroe has industry-wide reports. Here’s some of the brands that are currently “hot” on IG — those in the USA with the largest percent growth in followers over the past 30 days:

Here’s those in the UK that added the largest number of new followers in the UK over the past 30 days:

Deep Dives

It’s a simple matter to plug in keywords for topics you are interested in and instantly see relevant IG posts. This is *so much* easier than eyeballing the ever-expanding number of posts out there, as I know from first-hand experience.

For example, material for our recent post on food pairing would have been much easier to find if I’d have used Dunroe to search for IG posts that reference ‘food pairing’ rather than scrolling through endless posts searching for a needle in a haystack.


Dunroe enables you to spot specific trends in the industry. For example, this report shows the ‘Breakout’ and ‘Breakdown’ keywords for kombucha IG posts over the past year.

The first breakout cluster is about an alcohol delivery app that carries a range of hard kombucha. Others are about sugar and calorie content (where the Three Goats Brewery in Bangkok is a significant player) and digestive and health benefits triggered by trending keywords in the final two clusters as follows:

(It’s easy to extract these details when the tool is live, more challenging to show the full range of options with a few screen prints.)

Downward trends over the past year (in red on the right column above) show a decrease in posts linking kombucha to yoga classes, taprooms, and home brewing workshops. Many of these will have been affected by the pandemic. CBD-infused kombucha is also experiencing a decline–at least in terms of IG trends. Some brands are pivoting away from the additive in response to regulatory uncertainty–although you have to look elsewhere to find the story about why this is happening. Don’t expect to see IG posts announcing it!

Technical details

The power of Dunroe is in their ‘crawling’ of IG posts from public accounts (in the same way Google regularly ‘crawls’ the web). Dunroe builds its database of public content, organized by industry, and makes the data searchable for users. This is an effective way of overcoming the limits Facebook (who own IG) put in place in 2018 when they shut down the platform to outside access. This contrasts with Twitter, which has an open API allowing tools like NodeXL to operate and generate reports on real-time data.

Try before you buy

Dunroe costs just $49/mo and, better yet, there’s a free 14-day trial so you can try before you buy.


The content of this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is presented for general informational purposes only. The opinions are those of the editor. We have absolutely no affiliate relationship with any of the people and organizations listed.

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