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Video: Is Kombucha Good for You?

The good folks at Mei-Leaf tea are back with an interview with Adam from Jarr Kombucha discussing the health effects of kombucha. This follows on from their informative brewery tour that we included in our February video listing. This time...


Kombucha Cartoons

French illustrator and artist Charles Giai-Gischia has created a wonderful series of kombucha-themed cartoons. His Instagram contains a half-dozen examples, complete with English translations in the comments. A couple of my favorites A more elaborate one: Examples of the the...


Black Friday Deal: Kombucha DNA Sequencing

Members of Kombucha Brewers International will be aware of the SCOBY DNA Sequencing Study launched in partnership with Oregon State University. Their initial report contained a wealth of information on the composition of different SCOBYs, which microbes are common across...